Foot Health Care Treatments in Thurmaston and surrounding areas from Loughborough through to Wigston.

For healthy and comfy feet contact me to help with simple nail cutting to corn and verruca treatment.  Feet Aid will help you with Ingrowing and Involuted nails and cracked heels.

Feet Aid also specialises in an effective treatment for fungal nail infections. Using the Lacuna method to promote an efficient way to ensure the source of infection is treated quickly to produce a speedy resolution.

Feet Aid supports those with diabetes as they need to pay special attention to their feet.  Feet Aid offers full regular vascular assessments and management programme.

Poor posture can be caused by all manner of foot problems and irregular gait can cause pressure points on the feet, which can lead to the painful build up of callus and corns.

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Toe Nail Cutting

For those who find it challenging to get down to cur their own nails or those who find their nails have become too thick and hard to cut themselves, Feet Aid will ensure a regular toe nail cutting service is provided to include cleaning, correct nail cutting and filing, finishing with moisturising foot massage.


Hard Skin and Callus

Hard skin is the bodies defence mechanism but if not carefully managed  hard skin can build up into callus and can cause pain  and discomfort.  Feet Aid uses various methods to help remove the hard skin and callus and gives advice on prevention as callus is caused by friction, mainly due to ill fitting shoes.



A corn develops where ther is direct pressure on a particular point, often on the ball of the foot or on the little toes.  The use of corn plasters are harmful as they contain acid that destroys the health skin around the corn and causes scar tissue that itself turns into callus.  Feet Aid uses a scalpel techniche to enuculate the corn.


Cracked Heels

Cracks or fissures around the heels can look unsightly but can also be painful. They are caused by the skin fold around the back of the heels due to dryness and if left untreated can crack and split open to become gaping crevases that bleed and become open to infection.  Feet Aid will treat the fissures and advice management.


Involuted Nails

Many people have distorted and painful nails, most assume that any pain around the side of the nails is due t ingrown nails but this is not always the case.


Involuted Nails are growing curved and press int the skin on the sides.  There can often be a build up of hard skin under the edges of the nail which increases pressure and casues pain. Careful nail clipping and clearing away dead skin can eleviate the problem but as the nails continue to grow this way a small procedure called Partial Nail Evulsion can be a wat to correct the problem.


Ingrown Nails

These can be very painful, infected and swollen.  Often caused by incorrect nail cutting or picking/biting the nails. If you suspect and ingrown nail bathe the whole foot in warn salty water and get proffessional help ASAP.  You may need a course or antibiotics before treatment can be undertaken so it is always best to see help from a foot health practioner or a podiatrist as soon as an ingrown nail is suspected.



Thickened Nails

Thick nails can be thinned down to make them look more sightly and to releive any pressure and discomfort when wearing shows.



Known as Plantar warts that develop on the plantar (soles) of the feet and can range in size  from a pin prick up to covering large areas of the foot.  The pressure from normal walking can cause the warts into the skin thus giving pain.  Like all warts, they are harmless and the immune system will often ignore this virus. Often with hormone changes these simply dissapear but if diet and stress are involved there is the need to promote an immune response.  Feet Aid will assess and discuss to agree a management programme but please be aware no treatment is guaranteed as everybodies reactions to treatments vary.


Athletes Foot

The natural flora and fauna that lives on our skin can sometimes expldde de to increased moisture and heat.  This develops in a fungal infection known as atheletes foot.  various cream are effective in managing the outbreak and preventing further re-occurnace.  Feet Aid can advise.


Fungal nail Infections

The infection causing atheletes foot easily speads into the nail bed if not treated promptly.  The nail becomes thick and discoloured and often smelly.  Feet Aid will discus the various options to treat this infection, which can take up to 8 weeks to destroy and then the new nail growth can take several months to grow out.  The 'Lacuna Method' offers an efficient way to get to the source of the infection in the nail bed.



See the page on Diabetes and the High Risk Foot.

Did you know that around 25% of people with diabetes will develop an ulcer with 1 in 5 leading to amputation?

 The first 10 to 15 of years living with this condition doesn't generally cause too much concern if you look after yourself with diet and exercise but in the following years the complications associated with the condition develop.  Feet Aid offers support and management with regular vascular assessments and check ups.






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